See the post below for details on purchasing our products.
See the post below for details on purchasing our products.

Williams Farm Update for January 26th

It’s great to see the sun back.  Now if we could just keep the temperature below zero we’d be having fantastic winter weather.
Devyn will be back at market this week for me. I’ll be busy with inventory and prep for serving maple taffy Saturday night at a Hardwood Hills event….oh and I’ll try to sneak a little skiing in too:)

We’ll have carrots, artichokes, garlic and all our maple products this week. Carrots should last for another 3 to 4 week. Garlic for a couple more weeks.

We still have syrup available here at the farm, but with the cold weather its very hard to organize vegetable pickups. Your best bet for our vegetables is the market, or one of our retail partners. Here’s a list of the main ones and what they carry.
Nicholyn Farms                 carrots and maple syrup
Grounded Coffee               carrots, garlic, maple syrup, maple sugar, maple butter
Creemore 100 Mile Store  carrots and maple syrup
Penetang Foodland           maple syrup
Craighurst Foodland          maple syrup
LA Hills Esso                      maple syrup
Homestead Bakery            maple syrup
Mariposa Market                maple syrup
Ciboulette et Cie                maple syrup
If you have a large or bulk order, let me know ahead so I can prep it for you.
Available certified organic produce at the Barrie Farmers’ Market:
  • Garlic
    • heads $0.50 to $1.25
    • 1 lb. for $10
  • Carrots
    • orange 2 lb. $4.00, 5 lb. $9.00
    • orange 25 lb. $40, 
  • Sunchokes
    • Litre – $4.00
        Note: larger quantities are by chance or pre-order at the farm and the market.
See you at the market or the farm!