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Maple Creme Brulee Recipe from Foodland Ontario


Adapted from Chatelaine by Suzanne Williams

Carrot and Pear Soup


1 T butter

1 large onion chopped

1 large clove of Williams garlic minced

4 – 5 large Williams carrots peeled and chopped ( can sub. sweet potatoes )

4 pears or apples, peeled, cored and chopped

4 cups chicken broth

1/4 t cayenne

1 T grated ginger

1/2 t salt or to taste

2 t Williams maple syrup!

Optional: chives, sauteed mushrooms, or sour cream for topping


In a large pan melt the butter and add the onions and garlic. Cook until the onions soften.

Add the carrots (sweet potato),  pears (apples), cayenne, ginger, and broth.

Cover and bring to a boil, simmer until carrots are tender, or about 30 min.

Puree. Add salt to taste. Add maple syrup to taste.

Serve warm with optional topping.


By: Ricardo
Translated by: Noelle Chenier

Maple pull-apart bread

Preparation: 25 minutes
Waiting time: 2h 30
Cooking time: 45 minutes
Portions: 8-10

680ml (2¾ cups) non-whitened all-purpose flour
60ml (¼ cup) sugar
11ml (2¼ cups) instant yeast
2,5ml (½ teaspoon) salt
125ml (½ cup) warm milk
125ml (½ cup) non-salted butter, melted and warm
2 eggs
180ml (¾ cups) granulated maple sugar
60ml (¼ cup) maple butter, slightly heated

1. In a big bowl, with a wooden spoon, or in a mixer (using dough hook), mix the flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Add the milk and mix vigorously until the dough starts to form.

2. Add 90ml (6 tablespoons) of butter gradually and the eggs. Mix the batter for approximately 5 minutes in the mixer or on a surface covered with flour. The dough will be sticky and smooth.

3. Place the dough in a preparation bowl and oil lightly. Turn the dough over to cover it in oil. Cover the bowl with a humid cloth and let it sit in a warm and humid spot for approximately 1h30 or until the dough doubles in volume.

4. Butter a bread mold that is 23 x 13cm (9 x 5 inches). Line the mold with a band of parchment paper and let it pass on either side.

5. On a worktop with flour, lightly lower the dough with your fingers or with a rolling pin in a rectangle that is 46 x 40cm (18 x 16 inches). Melt the rest of the butter again and brush it on the dough. Sprinkle the maple sugar and cut in 24 rectangles that are 10 x 7,5cm (4 x 3 inches).

6. Fill six rectangles with dough at a time and place then vertically in the mold and let them fall naturally so that they are not all equal in size. Repeat with the rest of the rectangles. Cover with a humid cloth and let it sit in a warm and humid spot for an hour.

7. Place the grill in the center of the oven. Preheat oven at 180°C (350°F).

8. Take the cloth off and let the dough cook for 45 minutes or until the dough is golden. Let it cool for 5 minutes. spread top with maple butter. Unmold and remove the parchment paper and place in a serving plate. Let it cool for 15 minutes. Eat hot or cold the day of making it.

Here is original in French!

Bread with maple butter 001