See the post below for details on purchasing our products.
See the post below for details on purchasing our products.

Williams Farm Update for December 15th


Winter has settled in here with about a foot of snow in the fields and more to come today.  We’ve still been busy though….bottling syrup and bagging carrots for Christmas orders…and of course clearing snow! The wood pile at the house has started to diminish with this cold weather, so I’ve been splitting and piling more to keep things toasty and warm.
You may have noticed a new root vegetable at our stand last week, Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes). It’s a member of the sunflower family that produces a tuber with a slightly sweet and nutty flavour.  It’s high in potassium, iron, phosphorus, thiamin, niacin and a pre-biotic sugar called inulin.
They can be used raw or cooked.  Here’s a link to a salad recipe I’ve been using them for. I have been omitting the fennel and increasing the other items.
In other news, we will be returning to the market in the new year while supplies last.  I’ve found some help (Devyn) to keep things going while I take a bit of a break and keep up with maple related activities.  We’ll have orange carrots, sunchokes, garlic and maple products available.
This will be our last week with coloured carrots. I’ll have a few 5 lb and 2 lb bags this week.
If you have a large or bulk order, let me know ahead so I can prep it for you.
Available certified organic produce at the farm and the Barrie Farmers’ Market:
  • Garlic
    • heads $0.50 to $1.50
    • 1 lb. for $10
    • 5 lb. for $40
  • Carrots
    • orange 2 lb. $4.00, 5 lb. $9.00
    • coloured 2 lb. $5.00 5 lb. $10.00
    • orange 25 lb. $40, 50 lb. $70
  • Sunchokes
    • Litre – $4.00
        Note: larger quantities are by chance or pre-order at the farm and the market.
See you at the market or the farm!