See the post below for details on purchasing our products.
See the post below for details on purchasing our products.

Ontario Butter Tart Festival, June 13th

Butter Tarts!Hi,

This Saturday, June 13th is the annual Ontario Butter Tart Festival in downtown Midland from 9 am  to 5 pm.  Join us there and taste one of our Maple Butter Tarts.  Hand made by our fabulous Kim Kerr.  These are the real deal, no shortening here. Our booth is located close to the waterfront, at the corner of Bay and King.
We are aiming to have 1200 tarts on hand.  Last year we had 500 and sold out in 90 minutes, so come in good time. Last year, more than 50,000 tarts were sold!

There will be all kinds of different types of butter tarts and lots of entertainment.

We won’t be attending the Barrie Farmers’ Market this week as all of our energy goes into this event.  You can pick up produce and orders at the farm.  We will even hold tarts for you to pickup at the farm.

Don’t forget you can get our produce at:  Nicholyn, Barrie Hill Farms, Local Foods Mart, and the Karma project

Butter tarts            $2.50 each/ package of  6 for $12.00 (packages are all one type, or two of each)
Plain, raisin, pecan, all made with maple syrup!

Arugula                   $5.00 160 g bag
$11.00 1 lb. bag

Kale                         $5.00 225g bag (washed, small size)

Green Garlic             $4.50 bunch   (5-6 fresh garlic stems, use like scapes)

Rhubarb                    $3.00 lb.

The farm store is now open and stocked with the above items and our maple products.
Fresh items will be restocked on Thursday afternoon with enough for the weekend. Maple products are available 7 days a week.