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See the post below for details on purchasing our products.

David Barker’s Blog post on a visit to Williams Farm

David Barker is my brother-in-law and he’s a great photographer and writer.  This is a copy of the blog posting he made after visiting on Easter weekend.

Visit his blog at:

Boiling Sap @Williams_farm

Sap runs when it runs and nothing–not even an Easter dinner–can keep a maple syrup man from his work. Here are some shots from last weekend’s maple syrup boil.


Above, John Williams inspects the sap lines for leaks. The sap is “encouraged” by a vacuum pump and, if there are leaks, the suction, uh, sucks. This is a Brigadoon moment. Typically, the stream flows only once a year as the snow melts. Because of erratic weather this year, there have been two Brigadoon moments.



After Easter dinner, John goes out to the barn and fires up the evaporator. They’ll be boiling long into the night.


Deer know that something’s up. They appear by the barn’s open door.


Liquid gold! Maple syrup pours out from the evaporator.



John’s father, Howard Williams, gives his nod of approval. He’s the man who first got the family into this.