Williams Farm Update for September 29th


Back to the cold weather again.  Where are my long johns!
We had a beautiful double rainbow here right before the rain hit this morning.
I’ve attached a picture below.
We’ve got our full compliment of product available now….carrots, beets, garlic and maple. Even some juicing carrots available.
 Don’t forget to stock up for Thanksgiving!
 Nearly all our cover crops are in for the fall, so we are getting caught up.  Next week we can start cracking garlic for planting.  We’ll start planting after Thanksgiving.
Available certified organic produce at the farm and the Barrie Farmers’ Market:
  • Garlic
    • heads $1.25  to $1.75 each
    • 1 lb. for $10
    • 5 lb. for $40, 10 lb. for $80 
    • braids $24 each
  • Carrots
    • orange 2 lb. $4.00, 5 lb. $9.00
    • coloured 2 lb. $5.00
    • juicing (large orange, some broken) 5 lb. $6.00, $1/lb for 10 lb. or more.
  • Beets
    • bunches, various colours – $4.00
See you at the market or the farm!