Williams Farm Update for June 30th. Garlic scapes and carrots

It’s a little early but….Happy Canada Day!

The Barrie Farmers’ Market will be open tomorrow and I’ll be there.
I will have more baby carrots this week (2 lb. for $5, last years but tasty) and garlic scapes. Of course, our usual maple products. We have a good supply of maple butter right now.
Next week we will have fresh garlic bunches. By then the garlic heads will be sizing up and the cloves will be nice and spicy. You have to peel the cloves out of the head as it isn’t dry yet. Then just use them as you normally would.
This rain has been difficult.  I finally got the rest of the beets and carrots in on Wednesday afternoon and evening. The ground was still a little damp, but I think the seeder worked okay.  The fireflies were out as I packed up and headed in.
I’ll stock the store with carrots and scapes for the weekend!