Williams Farm Update for July 7th, Fresh Garlic!


Finally, a somewhat “normal” week! We are making progress planting our cover crops and with weeding the carrots and beets that have come up.
New this week, fresh garlic!  Once we have taken the scapes off the garlic, the heads really start to grow and the cloves get spicy. We pull the not quite full sized heads out, clean them up and bunch. You peel the head and get juicy, spicy garlic cloves.  See the picture below.
Available this week:
Fresh garlic bunches               $5.00 (3 to 5 heads depending on size)
Garlic scapes                           $4.00 for 225 g bag, bulk $5/lb.
                                                 $40 for a 20 lb. bag
Baby carrots                            $5.00 for 2 lb. bag
We will have these items stocked in the store late Friday afternoon.
See you at the Barrie Farmers’ Market tomorrow.
Fresh Garlic