Williams Farm Update August 18th


Coloured Carrots are ready to go! An extra week in the ground has sweetened them up nicely. Lots of garlic available too.  We’ll start having 5 and 10 lb. bags available at the end of the month.
We’ve had a fairly typical week on the farm….weeding carrots, cleaning garlic,  working on firewood.  We are already thinking about the syrup season for spring of 2018.  My friend Carl was in to help remove some trees threatening the power line to the pump house. He had to cut the tree from the top down to avoid it falling on the hydro line. See the picture below.
Garlic braids are ready too for those of you that love to hang one up in your kitchen. We have some made up for $24.
Available produce at the farm and the Barrie Farmers’ Market:
  • Garlic
    • heads $1.25 each or $5 for 4
    • 1 lb. for $10 
    • braids $24 each
  • Carrots
    • orange carrot bunches $4.00
    • coloured carrot bunches $5.00
  • Fresh maple candy!
    • 10 g candy $0.50
    • 10 x 10g $5.00
    • 15 x 10g  $7.50
See you at the market or the farm!
Williams Farm

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