Vegetables for weekend of June 21st


Thank goodness we had no serious damage from the storms on Tuesday.  I hope all of you came through them unscathed.  We had a busy week working on irrigation, planting, bottling syrup and preparing to harvest.  Most important of all, I took a day off on Wednesday and went paddling with my dad.  We joined a group lead by Terry and Ann O’Rourke and spent the day exploring Go Home Lake and part of the Musquash River.  It was great to be back in a kayak again.
We enjoyed great success at the Ontario Butter Tart Festival last Saturday in Midland.  We sold 450 maple butter tarts in 100 minutes, selling out by 10:40.  I guess we’ll have to make more next year!
Our first harvest of Arugula and Garlic Scapes will take place tomorrow.  We will have the fridge in the Farm Store stocked by 2 pm, and will have stock available at the Barrie Farmers’ Market.
Arugula             $5.00/160g bag, $10/454g bag
Garlic scapes    $3.50/225g bag, $5.00/lb. bulk
                        next week we will have large quantities of bulk available
Green Garlic      $4.50/bunch,  looks like leeks but with a nice garlic flavour, use the whole plant.
See you at market, or at the farm!
Two men in kayak skirts!

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    • williamsfarm Post author
      Jason, yes we plant it in October every year. You can plant in the spring, but your heads will be small, plus you tend to lose a lot of your garlic over the winter as it spoils.

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