Williams Farm Update for January 26th

Hi! It’s great to see the sun back.  Now if we could just keep the temperature below zero we’d be having fantastic winter weather. Devyn will be back at market this week for me. I’ll be busy with inventory and prep for serving maple taffy Saturday night at a Hardwood Hills event….oh and I’ll try […]

Williams Farm Update for January 12th, 2018

Well, as I type it’s 30 degrees warmer than last week!  Welcome to Southern Ontario weather. Sorry about the lack of carrots at the market last week.  A miscommunication between Devyn and I mean’t the carrot and artichokes stayed in the cooler. This week, my son Jack will be doing market and we will make […]

Williams Farm Update for December 15th

Hi! Winter has settled in here with about a foot of snow in the fields and more to come today.  We’ve still been busy though….bottling syrup and bagging carrots for Christmas orders…and of course clearing snow! The wood pile at the house has started to diminish with this cold weather, so I’ve been splitting and […]

Williams Farm Update for November 10th

Hi, This week was a case of just in time carrot harvesting. We finished our carrot harvest at noon on Thursday.  By 4 pm the equipment was cleaned up and put away and the carrots were in the cold storage.  The snow started at 5 pm! A little tighter than I’d like, but it worked.  […]

Williams Farm Update for Nov. 3rd

Hi, Looks like we may finally get a killing frost tonight. I can’t believe it’s November and we haven’t had one yet. We are almost done in the field.  A few beets and a few thousand pounds of carrots left that we will do next week when it stops raining. We now have bulk available […]

Williams Farm Update October 6th

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be bringing lots of carrots, garlic, beets and maple products to market. We had a busy week harvesting, washing and bagging everything for this weekend. I’ll be at the Barrie Farmers’ Market Saturday morning, but if you can’t make it there looks for some of our product at: Nicholyn Farms (maple […]

Williams Farm Update for September 29th

Hi, Back to the cold weather again.  Where are my long johns! We had a beautiful double rainbow here right before the rain hit this morning. I’ve attached a picture below. We’ve got our full compliment of product available now….carrots, beets, garlic and maple. Even some juicing carrots available.  Don’t forget to stock up for […]

Williams Farm Update for September 8th

Hi, Suddenly, we are well into September….how did that happen? Rain has continued to be a problem.  We have about 15 acres of land to work and plant with cover crops, but it has been too wet.  Thankfully, after today, it looks like we will have a stretch of dry weather. We’ll be busy cultivating, […]

Williams Farm Update August 18th

Hi, Coloured Carrots are ready to go! An extra week in the ground has sweetened them up nicely. Lots of garlic available too.  We’ll start having 5 and 10 lb. bags available at the end of the month. We’ve had a fairly typical week on the farm….weeding carrots, cleaning garlic,  working on firewood.  We are […]

Williams Farm Update August 11th

Hi, Carrots are finally ready!  Despite the cool, wet weather we will have orange carrots available at the Barrie Farmers’ Market and in the farm store. We should have coloured carrots available next week. Garlic braids are ready too for those of you that love to hang one up in your kitchen. We have some […]