Williams Farm Update for June 16th

Hi, We’ll be away from the Barrie Farmers’ Market on Saturday June 17th, returning on June 24th. Sorry to be away for two weeks in a row, but a family matter calls. It’s been busy on the farm this week. The beds for the next planting of carrots and beets are done and being irrigated […]

Williams Farm at the Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival June 10th

Hi, Yes, the time has come once again to flock to downtown Midland and consume 150,000 butter tarts! We will be in the thick of it all with about 1000 maple butter tarts to sell and all our usual maple products. Kim Kerr makes our tarts and they are perfect: flaky handmade pastry, and delicious […]

Williams Farm Update for May 5th

Hi, First day outside at the Barrie Farmers’ Market! Oliver will be setup in our usual spot on Mulcaster on Saturday May 6th. I know the weather doesn’t look great, but what else will you do if don’t attend?  You certainly won’t be able to do yard work and gardening!  Will the rain ever end. […]

Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival this Saturday

Hi, I won’t be at the Barrie Farmers’ Market this weekend because of……The Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival! Come for the: Pancake breakfast Live music Log sawing contest food vendors Midway And of course….Maple Syrup!  Our booth is on the main street (Queen), in front of the community hall. We’ll have lots of maple products and […]

Williams Farm Update for April 7th

Hi, We’ve reached the end of another syrup season. Unexpectedly, it’s another record year for us! 1.54 litres of syrup per tap. That’s 10% higher than last years 1.4 L/tap. Lightening doesn’t usually strike twice in farming. We may have been able to get a bit more the last couple of days, but our wood […]

Williams Farm Update for December 22nd

Hi, This warm weather has been nice for working in the bush. Yesterday, the sap even started to run.  I had just drilled a hole to anchor a line and it started dripping! Usually, sap running at this time of year is short lived, so it’s not worth tapping. It won’t be long though! I’ll […]

Williams Farm Update for December 9th

Hi, Not enough snow here yet to ski….just another 10 cm would do it! It’s definitely feeling like winter here. We have 5 to 10 cm on the ground and it is cold. Kim and I spent yesterday bottling syrup for Christmas orders. The maple bushes are all checked and ready for the winter. On the […]

Williams Farm Update for November 25th

Hi, What change in the weather a week can bring! We’ve packed up all the harvesting and washing equipment and tucked it in the drive shed.  Kim and I actually got into the bush for a day to check on lines. There are trees down in some areas and animal chews in others.  A few […]