Williams Farm Update for September 29th

Hi, Back to the cold weather again.  Where are my long johns! We had a beautiful double rainbow here right before the rain hit this morning. I’ve attached a picture below. We’ve got our full compliment of product available now….carrots, beets, garlic and maple. Even some juicing carrots available.  Don’t forget to stock up for […]

Williams Farm Update for September 8th

Hi, Suddenly, we are well into September….how did that happen? Rain has continued to be a problem.  We have about 15 acres of land to work and plant with cover crops, but it has been too wet.  Thankfully, after today, it looks like we will have a stretch of dry weather. We’ll be busy cultivating, […]

Williams Farm Update August 18th

Hi, Coloured Carrots are ready to go! An extra week in the ground has sweetened them up nicely. Lots of garlic available too.  We’ll start having 5 and 10 lb. bags available at the end of the month. We’ve had a fairly typical week on the farm….weeding carrots, cleaning garlic,  working on firewood.  We are […]

Williams Farm Update August 11th

Hi, Carrots are finally ready!  Despite the cool, wet weather we will have orange carrots available at the Barrie Farmers’ Market and in the farm store. We should have coloured carrots available next week. Garlic braids are ready too for those of you that love to hang one up in your kitchen. We have some […]

Williams Farm Update for July 7th, Fresh Garlic!

Hi, Finally, a somewhat “normal” week! We are making progress planting our cover crops and with weeding the carrots and beets that have come up. New this week, fresh garlic!  Once we have taken the scapes off the garlic, the heads really start to grow and the cloves get spicy. We pull the not quite […]

Williams Farm Update for June 30th. Garlic scapes and carrots

It’s a little early but….Happy Canada Day! The Barrie Farmers’ Market will be open tomorrow and I’ll be there. I will have more baby carrots this week (2 lb. for $5, last years but tasty) and garlic scapes. Of course, our usual maple products. We have a good supply of maple butter right now. Next […]

Williams Farm Update for June 23rd

Hi! More rain! We only got one day to do tractor work in the fields this week….last year too dry, this year too wet.  We rarely get that Goldie Locks moment in farming….just right. I’ll have garlic scapes at the market this weekend. We started picking Tuesday and are about half way through now. Nestled […]

Williams Farm Update for June 16th

Hi, We’ll be away from the Barrie Farmers’ Market on Saturday June 17th, returning on June 24th. Sorry to be away for two weeks in a row, but a family matter calls. It’s been busy on the farm this week. The beds for the next planting of carrots and beets are done and being irrigated […]

Williams Farm at the Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival June 10th

Hi, Yes, the time has come once again to flock to downtown Midland and consume 150,000 butter tarts! We will be in the thick of it all with about 1000 maple butter tarts to sell and all our usual maple products. Kim Kerr makes our tarts and they are perfect: flaky handmade pastry, and delicious […]

Williams Farm Update for May 5th

Hi, First day outside at the Barrie Farmers’ Market! Oliver will be setup in our usual spot on Mulcaster on Saturday May 6th. I know the weather doesn’t look great, but what else will you do if don’t attend?  You certainly won’t be able to do yard work and gardening!  Will the rain ever end. […]