Maple Syrup Update for April 15th, 2014 1

Another late night!  I crawled into bed at 1am after boiling 6400 litres of sap from yesterday.  The sap ran through the night…Sunday into Monday…not quickly, but steadily. The sugar content seems to have dropped to about 2% and the syrup is amber, but the flavour is good.  No sign of buddy flavour here yet. The sap is foamy in the evaporator, with lots of clean-up at the end of the night.  We are now approaching 80% of a 1 litre season. I think I’ll get one or two days off boiling. The temperature here is about minus 3 and we got 10 cm of snow over night. The school buses have been canceled.

The weather forecast shows Thursday to Sunday could be good sap days.  The question is, when will the buddy flavour show up?


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