Maple Syrup Update April 9th, 2014 2

It’s been a busy couple of days! We had a big run Sunday to Monday. The flow of sap on Sunday afternoon was very strong.  I spent all day Monday boiling to catch up. 12,000 litres of sap went through the RO on Monday and we made 2 barrels of syrup! Yesterday, I boiled some leftovers…5000  litres and filled another barrel.  The sugar content has been good, rising as high as 2.6% yesterday. Our total now sits around 50% of a season. We still have a couple of feet of snow in our bushes.

We had some interesting visitors on Monday. Aiko Ihara and her parents visited from Japan. Aiko has started tapping Japanese Maples in a rural area a couple of hours outside of Tokyo.  She wanted to visit during the season to see how we do things here. She’s hoping to start a business producing syrup from these maples.

It was great to meet them and show them how we make syrup.  We even got her on snowshoes for the first time as she helped Kim chase vacuum leaks in the bush. We also had her firing the evaporator while I was filtering.

It was great to meet you Aiko.  Good Luck with your venture….maybe we can come on a consulting visit?


Aiko, Kim and John

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    Hello, John! Thank you for your update and I really enjoyed and learnt a lot at that day. I'm looking forward to welcoming you in Japan in near future!!!