Reverse Osmosis

We have a full line of Reverse Osmosis machines available from Dominion & Grimm and Leader.


Here’s the information on the new Leader Extreme RO’s

For the past two years Leader Evaporator has been hard at work designing an entirely new line of R/O machines that will meet the needs of modern maple syrup producers.  The all new EXTREME line of R/O’s are the next evolution in R/O technology and outperform all other models we have tested.


During side by side testing conducted we processed a 2 brix liquid through two membrane machines at a concentrate output of 2 gallons per minute, maximum pressure and 40 degrees F.  The results were that the EXTREME Concentrates higher at nearly 20 brix and flows faster processing 20 gallons per minute.  Concentrate levels were 5.8-9.3% higher than the competition, and the total flow was 14-19% more than the other brands tested.


Field testing was conducted on several models during the 2014 season.  The Sprintech EXTREME HC – 8 operated in a sugar house side by side vs. a 12 membrane competitor’s machine.  At 16 brix the 8 membrane EXTREME matched the performance of our competitors 12 membrane machine, and it maintained that level of performance for nearly 30 hours of operation between washes.


We have packed the new Springtech EXTREME with industrial features to match performance:

  • All S/S frames, membrane housings, pumps, and pump housings.
  • Thrust Bearings are used on pumps to reduce stress and protect motors, and motor bearings.
  • Standard Love-joy motor connections.
  • 4 membrane and larger feature very simple reversible flow system that can be executed while the machine is running.
  • Fast wash cycles executed in 80 minutes or less.
  • 2 membrane and larger feature Extended concentrate cycles up to 30 hours between soap washes (with reasonable quality sap).
  • 2 membrane HC model and larger feature single pass concentrate levels of 20-25 brix (with reasonable sap).
  • Enlarged membrane casing greatly improves recirculation flow.
  • 1 membrane machine and larger feature independent 20gpm flow meters for every membrane.
  • Manufactured in the USA!
  • Simple to understand, simple to operate, and simply amazing overall value.








All power ratings are based on 240V Single Phase Power.

3 Phase Models also available.

Sku No.


Motor Sizes

Feed- Pressure – Recirc



Width x Depth x Height



Mini Extreme 2

1 – 3

2 – E4 4”x40”


22 amps


Extreme – 1

1 – 7.5 – 1.5

1 – E8 8”x40”


45 amps


Extreme HP – 1

2 – 7.5 – 1.5

1 – E8 8”x40”


52 amps


Extreme – 2

1.5 – 10 – 1.5(2)

2 – E8 8”x40”


65 amps


Extreme HC – 2

3 – 10 – 1.5 & 7.5

2 – E8 8”x40”


94 amps


Extreme HC – 4

5 – 10 – 3 & 7.5

4 – E8 8”x40”


110 amps


Extreme HC – 6

7.5 – 10(2) – 3(3)

6 – E8 8”x40”

103x30x73 + 64x30x57

162 amps


Extreme HC – 8

7.5 – 10(2) – 4(3)

8 – E8 8”x40”

103x30x73 + 64x30x57

175 amps


HP model is ready for an expansion kit and has capability of running higher pressure to achieve higher concentrate levels in a single pass.  It is not recommended that single membrane machines go above 12% in a single pass, but can be run higher in multiple pass applications.


HC Models are equipped with capabilities to reach up to 20-25 brix in a single pass (with reasonable sap).  The HC-4 and larger also feature reversible flow.  To reverse 4 valves are changed while the machine is running.  This reversal process will help machines operate longer between soap washes.  All HC machines are capable of running 24-36 hours between soap washes when processing reasonable quality sap.


Other models and sizes will be available in the future.


Leader Springtech Extreme Flyer