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Return to the Barrie Farmers`Market for Maple Fools Day, Maple Weekend Open House

Hi! I`ll be returning to the market this weekend (March 24th) with fresh syrup. Both Golden and Amber.  Kim`s been busy making candy, sugar and butter too. The market is hosting Maple Fool`s Day.  Many vendors will have maple themed items. You`re all likely wondering how the syrup season is going…….well….slowly! We started off with […]

Williams Farm Update August 11th

Hi, Carrots are finally ready!  Despite the cool, wet weather we will have orange carrots available at the Barrie Farmers’ Market and in the farm store. We should have coloured carrots available next week. Garlic braids are ready too for those of you that love to hang one up in your kitchen. We have some […]

Williams Farm Update for Nov. 4th

Hi, Another sunny day….where’s my sunscreen?  Looks like the next week is going to be nice. That’s great, because we just need a few more nice days to finish off the harvest. We’ve made good progress on the carrots this week and the garlic is all planted now. The weather looks great for the Barrie […]

Williams Farm Update for August 19th

Hi, I finally have some time to get back to my weekly updates!  With rain coming (5″ early this week) we aren’t irrigating continuously and we are starting to get our weeding under control. Our vegetables have been slow coming for a few reasons: we had a weed problem at the beginning of the season […]

Maple Syrup Update for April 15th, 2014 1

Another late night!  I crawled into bed at 1am after boiling 6400 litres of sap from yesterday.  The sap ran through the night…Sunday into Monday…not quickly, but steadily. The sugar content seems to have dropped to about 2% and the syrup is amber, but the flavour is good.  No sign of buddy flavour here yet. […]