Williams Farm Update for July 20th

Wow, The summer is flying by!  Go away for 12 days and suddenly it seems half the summer is gone. I went out west with Suzanne to Vancouver and Victoria for a week.  We visited our youngest son Oliver in Vancouver. He’s taking a summer course at UBC. Lots to do there we: toured UBC, […]

Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival – June 9th

Hi, I’ll be away from the Barrie Farmers’ Market this weekend because…….we have a booth at the Butter Tart Festival in Midland! Kim and I will be making 1000 of her incredible maple butter tarts for the festival. Our booth is on King St in downtown Midland, just south of Dominion Ave. We will have all our […]

Return to the Barrie Farmers`Market for Maple Fools Day, Maple Weekend Open House

Hi! I`ll be returning to the market this weekend (March 24th) with fresh syrup. Both Golden and Amber.  Kim`s been busy making candy, sugar and butter too. The market is hosting Maple Fool`s Day.  Many vendors will have maple themed items. You`re all likely wondering how the syrup season is going…….well….slowly! We started off with […]

Williams Farm Update for Feb. 16th

Hi, And suddenly this week, the forecast changed!  We went from a couple weeks of cold to temps that could produce sap. I started tapping yesterday. 10% done now. We’ll tap asap now in case we get good sap weather next week. After this weekend we’ll be away from market until late March when we […]

Williams Farm Update for Feb. 2nd, Ground Hog Day!

Hi! Back to the cold again today. Hmmm, this seems familiar.  When I woke up this morning Sonny and Cher’s “Babe” was playing on the radio…is this a flash back to other cold mornings this winter or am I doomed to repeat this day again?  You have to have seen the movie “Ground Hog Day” […]

Williams Farm Update for January 26th

Hi! It’s great to see the sun back.  Now if we could just keep the temperature below zero we’d be having fantastic winter weather. Devyn will be back at market this week for me. I’ll be busy with inventory and prep for serving maple taffy Saturday night at a Hardwood Hills event….oh and I’ll try […]

Williams Farm Update for January 12th, 2018

Well, as I type it’s 30 degrees warmer than last week!  Welcome to Southern Ontario weather. Sorry about the lack of carrots at the market last week.  A miscommunication between Devyn and I mean’t the carrot and artichokes stayed in the cooler. This week, my son Jack will be doing market and we will make […]

Williams Farm Update for December 15th

Hi! Winter has settled in here with about a foot of snow in the fields and more to come today.  We’ve still been busy though….bottling syrup and bagging carrots for Christmas orders…and of course clearing snow! The wood pile at the house has started to diminish with this cold weather, so I’ve been splitting and […]