Williams Farm update May 20th – Rhubarb

Hi, The spring planting rush is really underway here now.  We planted onion sets yesterday and have some onion transplants going in today.  Next week the first carrots and beets will go in.  It’s just been too cold to get started! I’ve also been working on improving our irrigation system.  We are now the proud […]

Williams Farm Update for April 22, 2016

Hi, The maple cleanup is almost done and we have started on the vegetables for 2016! Curt and I did the first rock picking and rototilling yesterday of this years carrot beds. We should be selling rocks…that seems to be what we grow best! The good news is we will be adding several new crops […]


Williams Farm Update for April 14th

Hi, The syrup season is winding down for us.  We have about 40% of our taps pulled and the evaporator is soaking. Total wood used….15 bush cords.  We only have about 10 % of a cord left. Total syrup produced…3920 litres, a new record for us! I’m already shifting gears into vegetable mode, but I’ve […]

Penelope Morrow – Barrie Through the Seasons featuring Williams Farm

BARRIE THROUGH THE SEASONS; MARCH 2016 APRIL 3, 2016 From the Barrie Farmers Market to the white washed belly of a barn but a few years younger than Canada’s confederation, John Williams of Williams Farm makes maple magic. Combining new technology with centuries of tradition he harvests the harbinger of spring, turning sap into sweet […]

Williams Farm Update for April 7th

Hi, Well, that was quite a ride!  We have finished our syrup season. There will likely be a bit more sap to be had today and early next week, but we are out of firewood and the spring peepers have spoke twice.  That’s an indication that the  next sap we get will be buddy. The […]

David Barker’s Blog post on a visit to Williams Farm

David Barker is my brother-in-law and he’s a great photographer and writer.  This is a copy of the blog posting he made after visiting on Easter weekend. Visit his blog at: http://davidbarker.photography/ Boiling Sap @Williams_farm Sap runs when it runs and nothing–not even an Easter dinner–can keep a maple syrup man from his work. Here are […]


Update for Maple Weekend – Sunday, April 3rd – Bright and Sunny Here!

Hi, Despite the weather forecast, it’s a bright and sunny morning here!  We had a few centimeters of fresh snow overnight, but it is calm and clear here with no snow showing on the weather radar. It is cool, so wear your woolies. Come and join us for our last boil of the season today! […]

Maple Weekend Open House, April 2nd and 3rd, 10 am to 4 pm

Hi. It’s been a crazy syrup season.  At first we wondered if the season would last long enough…now, it seems it will never end! We have made a ton of syrup….actually about 6 tons. Today we should surpass our previous best year (2015). This weekend we are having our big Open House.  We will have […]

John and McCormick

Maple Season Update – March 22nd, 2016

It’s been an interesting season so far.  We’ve had several stretches where the temperature hasn’t gone below zero at night.  Luckily, the vacuum system on our lines kept the sap flowing during these conditions. The vacuum pumps have run straight for 5 days and nights on two occasions! I didn’t get much rest during that […]